Scrapbooking Gift Ideas for A Special Someone

gift-553143_640Do you have one of the friends that just really get scrapbooking?

I really hope so because everyone who loves scrapbooking should.  Those types of friends help us to feel validated and less crazy with our obsession.

Having someone that shares in your scrapbooking passion is great for companionship but also when it is time for birthday or Christmas shopping.  I mean, who is more fun to shop for than someone who only wants scrapbooking goodies?!

I have put together a go-to list of the top gifts for scrap bookers.  This is good to reference just in case you decided to use the gift you just bought instead of actually giving it (come one now, am I the ONLY one who has done that?

  • Those fancy cutting machines – Yeah you know the ones, I believe the formal term is die cutting machines. Basically, they take all the hassle out of tracing by hand or cutting little annoying patterns out.  Talk about a great way to streamline your friend’s scrapbooking production!
  • Paper and goodies – a true scrapbooking connoisseur would love to be the recipients of some fancy cardstock and paper to aid in their efforts. These items are great creating backsplashes and character cutouts for their next scrapbooking project.
  • Help them stay organized – of all the people who need to stay organized it is scrapbooking folks! All the little trinkets and papers can easily become a mess and that is why very smart people have created scrapbooking organization methods in the form of bags and organizers.  These make excellent gifts for scrapbooking friends.
  • Albums – a scrapbooker can never have too many albums and they are relatively cheap to buy. Just head on over to your local craft store and you will see the isles of scrapbook albums to ready to pluck off the shelves.
  • It’s the little things that matter – in scrapbooking the little embellishment items and accessories are our pride and joy! So, go ahead and fill up a basket with paper butterflies and buttons galore and your friend is sure to love it!

Craft stores make it really easy to shop for hobbyists like us.  Just go there with a $500 budget (ok, maybe not that much!) and have fun!  There is really nothing a scrapbooker could not turn into a beautiful work of art!

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